Team of Ishimitsu Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. have committed ourselves that our activities will lead to full satisfaction of our customers and all interested parties with respect to both legal regulations and standards related to occupational safety, quality and environment.

Only quality products and services which are free of defects are acceptable for us. In order to reach these targets, we will utilize mutually advantageous supplier relationships, we will improve processes with emphasis to reduce environmental impacts and we will always act in accordance with approach of Continuous Improvement.

In evidence, the top management establishes the following policy:

  • Permanent development of all company resources with the objective of maintaining position on the market
  • Development of training and education of company employees so that they will become specialists at their scope of activity and will associate themselves with company goals and ideas
  • Implementation of Quality system, Environmental system, and Occupational Safety system as parts of the company culture and strategy of both company and individuals
  • Permanent improvement of services, communication, and company management system
  • Permanent performance of relevant legal and other requirements
  • Consistent searching for reserves with respect to reduce waste production
  • Cooperation mainly with suppliers who have implemented QMS and EMS systems and actively improve those
  • Application of systematic approach so that equal level of safety and health requirements is used with the suppliers and their employees including temporary employed workers
  • Application of preventive approach regarding activities affecting the environment
  • Usage of substances having better effect on the environment
  • Giving permanent attention to creating conditions for improvement of both worksite ergonomics and overall wellbeing of all employees
  • Application of occupational safety and environmental principles during projecting new technologies and accompanying activities, processes and worksites; continuous development of preventive measures in operation conditions
  • Every employee is responsible for observing rules related to occupational safety and health protection at their respective workplace, so that their behaviour does not inflict injury to themselves nor to their colleagues
  • For targets which are not set to maximum achievement the set value is used to assess target fulfillment ratio, however, achievement of maximum is the long-term target.