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We are a Japanese company operating in the automotive industry.

We manufacture small, precision machine parts for internal combustion engines. We specialize in turning, machining and grinding to very precise tolerances.

January / 2003

Establishment of the company

June / 2003

Start of serial production of SHAFT THROTTLE and RETAINER (in the production hall of Aisan Bitron Louny)

April / 2005

Relocation of production to our own production plant

August / 2005

Obtaining QMS certification according to ISO 9001 and EMS certification according to ISO 14001

October / 2007

Increasing production capacity by installing new technology

December / 2012

Start of serial production SHAFT VALVE

June / 2014

Installation of machines for manufacturing SLEEVE, PIN GUIDE

June / 2016

Completion of the construction of the production hall extension

Featured products

Shaft Throttle

The Shaft Throttle product is a steel or stainless steel throttle shaft.

Shaft Valve

The Shaft Valve product is an 8mm diameter stainless steel shaft.

OCV Shaft

The product is a small stainless steel overflow piston with a Ø of 4mm.

Collar, insulation

Tiny brass collar and sealing ring with a diameter of 8mm.

EFP Shaft

Stainless steel shaft of electric fuel feed pump.

Sleeve, Pin Guide

Steel guide sleeve for hydraulic relief valve.

About us

Ishimitsu Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. was established in 2003 as the first foreign investment of the parent company Ishimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.

Our products meet and exceed the demanding requirements and wishes of our customers. Their quality is recognized by leading automotive companies such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Jaguar, Renault, Volvo, Ford and Land Rover.

IMC meets all the requirements of an integrated management system in accordance with international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and adopts a continuous improvement approach.

We strive to create a friendly and stable working environment. We consider our employees to be the backbone of the entire company and their views and ideas are respected and encouraged. Skills development, professional growth of employees, a clean and safe workplace and a strong social background enable IMC to achieve its goals and vision.

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