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EMS goals are announced annually by the company's management.

Principles of EMS

We use environmentally friendly materials and technologies in the production and implementation of innovations. One of IMC’s guiding principles is to permanently reduce our environmental footprint. This has been confirmed by the ISO 14001 environmental management system certification.

At IMC, the environmental policy is integrated into the production system and is part of the daily life of the plant.
The EMS policy is part of the Quality, Environmental and Occupational Safety Management Policy.

EMC - Ishimitsu

Basic objectives of EMS in IMC

All the company's activities are conducted in such a way that their environmental impacts and aspects are taken into account.

Our common effort is not to waste energy resources, to reduce the amount of waste produced, to sort waste carefully and to recycle used raw materials and waste as much as possible.

Through continuous employee education, we influence employees' environmental awareness and responsible behaviour towards the environment. We also apply these practices to our suppliers and external companies.

Compliance with all legal requirements regarding environmental protection is a matter of course.

We sort and environmentally dispose of waste
We protect groundwater
We protect the air
We don't waste energy resources

We are planting the future

Our company decided to use the free space behind the production hall to plant several trees that would form shade for the planned outdoor relaxation area when they reach the appropriate height. Expanding green spaces has been a long-standing philosophy of Ishimitsu, so it is also one of our environmental goals for this year and beyond.

We have decided to implement the plan with the help of the #sazimebuducnost grant program administered by the Ministry of the Environment. The employees themselves participated in the planting, which was one of the conditions for the grant. Together we managed to plant twelve trees, which we are now taking care of together.

This project is co-financed by the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic on the basis of a decision of the Minister of the Environment.

IMC - sázíme budoucnosst